Honor, Dedication, Perseverance.  

Live with honor, play with honor, win with honor and lose with honor always, B Team. 

Please Help us 
Amend or reject Kevin De Leon's bill *SE 798

The California Legislature is trying to pass Bill 798 which calls for imitation firearms, a classification which would include paintball markers, to be brightly colored (i.e., orange) in order to distinguish them from real firearms.

The Officers of The B Team are a small, extremely 
dedicated group of paintballers.
We play Woodsball, Milsim and Scenario Paintball

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Our mission is to bring Paintball to as many people possible. We strive to share the fun and joy of the sport we love.
We love introducing the sport to new comers of any fitness level and age.  

(Combat Zone, TAW's Reindeer Games 2009, Oroville Ca.)

Any age any, skill  are welcome.

We are always looking for new team recruits

No matter what your play style. 

Millsim: Fire Team

Woodsball: Lone Wolf

Scenario: Role Player

and any combination of the above.

You are never stuck to just one style of play as part of The B Team. Whatever play style makes you happy at the time you are free to play the way you like. However, Team communication is always required. 

(Combat Zone, TAW's Reindeer Games 2010, Oroville Ca.)

(TAW's Wolfenstine 2010 Combat Zone Field Oroville Ca)

Why play paintball? 

  • Paintball relieves stress.
  • Helps develop team work skills and trust.
  • It gets you outside and moving.
  • Develops strategic thinking
  • Its fun!
  • Its a rush!

(Combat Zone, TAW's Wulfenstine 2010, Oroville Ca.)

We can provide paint, air and Co2 on field at the best price we possible so all can play. Please let us know in advance that your coming and what you need..  .

We play mostly Tippmann but feel free to bring your own marker of any kind.

Chrono on site - Over shooting will not be tolerated, we are here for fun not to get hurt

We plan camp outs in the summer and frequently have BBQ's midday on game day

We play within 10 Minutes of Quincy California (95971)

We are on field every weekend* during the season.

*unless we are attending an out of area event.

We attend scenarios and love to take more players with us. 

See event calendar and outside links for scenario info.